Saturday, November 8, 2014


Ella woke up a lot better. It sure was nice that she could breathe a bit better to nurse. It was nice for her but also nice for me.

We drove Dave to work. Ella fell asleep in the car so I just hung out parked on the driveway until she woke up.
Beth and Gio came over at 9:45 and stayed about 2 hours. You know you are good friends with someone when they show up and you let them see you in the clothes you've been wearing for 4 straight days. Beth watched Ella while I showered (and put on clean clothes).  Beth cut out and painted 4 onesies. I planned 2 and cut out 1.5. I didn't do as well as her. Ella was clingy and so I helped keep Gio occupied. He was tired and wanted to leave and she was almost done so I took him outside so he could explore the yard. He liked it. It was nice to learn that Gio will pick up all of Poly's ponytail holders. He was a good helper. But also he taught Ella about opening new cupboard doors.

Then the day turned to awful. Ella only napped 20 minutes. She has not napped in her crib since Sunday.  She woke up when I was moving her and then she was so tired all day she wouldn't play. She did a lot of crying. She'd just be there and then start crying without even moving.
2 PM
3:56 PM
4:39 PM
We picked Dave up at 4. He was going to do an early day but I was ready to die. We went to In n Out on the way home.  Then Ella didn't let me nap. I was trying to put Dave in charge of her.  She took a short nap and I napped too. I got about a 20 minute nap in when she did.  She still didn't nap in the crib.

6:03 PM
Ella was still miserable after.  We did bedtime routine. She nursed. She was still miserable. Then she cried in her crib for almost 40 minutes before she went to sleep. It was just all bad.

I'm starting to sneeze so I hope I'm not getting a cold. (I did get a mild one!)

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