Monday, November 10, 2014


Ella does it wrong and holds on!

Ella was up early. We had our 9 AM run that I organize. I knew Ella was tired and I worried she'd fall asleep before I left.  My garmin wouldn't get satellites. I decided to use strava.  Strava broke on the run. Garmin got satellites but then I forgot to restart the timer after we stopped to discuss turning around. I know we ran 4 miles based on knowing the turn around. I had trouble knowing the total time too. I can't handle lack of data.  Ella fell asleep only about halfway through the run. But she at least napped about 20 minutes.
We sat around on blankets for a little over an hour.  Ella and I came home and I nursed her. She didn't go to sleep. While nursing, Emily showed up to do some onesie painting. After about an hour Marie showed up.  Ella did eventually nap for 2:45.  Clara also napped in the pack and play at one point.  I painted 5 onesies. It was so much fun. It was nice that Ella napped. Clara was good. It also helped that I cut out some of the designs already.

I picked Dave up and we went out to dinner. Ella's favorite part was the refried beans.

We did Ella's bedtime routine as soon as we got home. Then I did some planning for my Stampin' Up class.


  1. Parker loves to weigh himself. I wonder if Ella will like it also.

    1. She tries almost daily but still cheats and holds on. I don't always take a pic but I still have a lot. I think ella sees is and she likes when it lights up.

  2. I think I recognize some of those onesies! :)