Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Ella woke up at 5:45.  We hung out a bit then we woke Dave up. We did a little dancing.

Ella seemed tired near 8 so I nursed her and thought she might nap. She didn't.  We got to Beth's a little after 9. We were the first ones there for the preschool playdate. Ella had a lot of fun. She's getting so big.

She started to have enough and I nursed he there near 11:30. She fell asleep but only for 10 minutes. She would have slept longer if I let her do some sleep eating. She was not happy. She cried the drive home. Also I left the cinnamon rolls on the top of the car that Beth made so I lost those on the way home. I only realized when I got on 101 that I forgot about them.

Ella nursed at home but then didn't go to sleep.  We played. Finally she did sleep but it was all sleep eating. I napped in the chair. She woke up a few times crying then back to sleep. She napped about 2 hours broken up.  After her nap she was needy. She'd cry if I put her down. I think she was taking lessons from Jenny.

We played. We took our daily picture.

I was nursing Ella and the TV was on. I kept thinking I heard our screen door. I even muted the TV and got up to check. I couldn't figure it out. I heard Poly meowing. I thought she was meowing at someone at the door.  Then I heard it again and heard scratching at the screen door. Poly was trying to GET IN! I checked the time stamp on my daily pictures and Poly was out there 31 minutes!   After that, I broke down boxes in the reading room. Ella played around the boxes. She got filthy. I spent 15 min breaking down boxes and getting rid of packing material, but it doesn't even look like I did anything.

I had managed to unload and reload the dishwasher at some point too. Ella played in the kitchen cupboard or crawled over to the dishwasher while I did this.

Ella and I went to the park for 20 minutes. Ella had a blast. Then we walked to meet Dave since he was on his way home. She fell asleep after Dave was in sight.  It was close to 6 pm and a bad time for a nap. She napped the entire way home and even stayed asleep after we got in the door. She never stays asleep.   I fed Poly and then woke her up. She was not having any of it and cried a lot.  So we decided to skip food for dinner for her and just nurse and go to bed. She was not happy through any of it though.

Dave and I made frozen pizza after that and watched some TV.


  1. That gif of her on the swing is amazing.

  2. I like both of those gifs! I forget what you call them. Looks like Ella loved the bubbles! Were you guys blowing bubbles inside?!

    1. Thanks
      Th bubbles were in a friend's garage. The ground gets very slippery after.