Saturday, November 15, 2014


The morning started off with Ella sleeping past 8 AM. Dave wanted me to go in and check on her because he thought she might be dead sleeping so late.

At 9, we met up with the running group I organized. I was actually late though! Shame on me. I got there at 9:02 and was the last one there.   We ran over 4 miles then hung out on the blankets.

Ella had some napping issues but otherwise it was a normal day.  With the lower crib, Ella kept waking up when I was putting her in the crib.

 At 4 we went to a park for a mom meetup. Ella had fun.  I had forgotten about it so at 3:23 I realized I better get in the shower. It was scheduled 3-5. I was there from a little before 4 until 5:45.

Ella's highlight was when she sitting next to James at the top of the slide.

We got home and Ella played.  She was looking tired. I warned Dave. He was still at work. He had to walk home. He made it home and hung out with her for not even 5 minutes and we started her bedtime routine.

She fell asleep at 7:07. (She did get woken up by Poly and woken up by transferring her to the crib but then Dave reminded me we put her in awake so she should be fine so I tried again and even though moving her woke her up she went right back to sleep.)

Dave and I had frozen pizza for dinner.  We watched the last 2 episodes of House of Cards.  I used my computer a little after, then we went to bed. I had trouble falling asleep though.

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