Saturday, November 15, 2014


I had an awful nights sleep. I woke up at one point just covered in sweat. Ella woke up around 7:15 and I basically slept through the doorbell sound on the app but Dave told me about it.

Later we went to head to the AT&T store. Dave said they closed at 6 so he wanted to go before work. We get there at they don't open until 10. I thought for sure he knew the hours since he was talking about the closing time so much.  I dropped him off at the trail to finish walking to work so I could zip home and go for a run with Kathryn.  I was able to join them. They only ran .25 without me and were still on their normal route on the way to my house.

Ella fell asleep near the end of the run so I kept going.  But then a truck was turning around in the middle of the street and the truck noise woke her up. She had less than a half hour napping.

We got home and played and ate. She didn't want to sleep yet so we did more playing. But then she got overly tired and would not sleep. She started crying over anything. Then she'd start crying if I just walked into the nursery.  Near 1 PM, Ella and I go to visit Gio and her daughter Lily to play a little. We were there over an hour!  I was going to stay 20 minutes.  Then Ella fell asleep on the walk home. She waited until the last 30 ft to fall asleep though.

I put Ella in her stroller in her nursery. I was not risking moving her.

That's all I wrote about back when it happened.


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