Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Exercise

Well I finally didn't hit my monthly mileage goal.  I ran 34.5 miles and my goal was 36. (A few months back I changed my goal from 30 miles to 36 miles for each month for the rest of the year.)  I had so few runs this month but I had longer runs.  I can throw out excuses as to why I missed my goal but my goal is on the lower side so even with a few mishaps I would still hope to make it and I did not do that.  For future reference my excuses are I started the month out sick, I traveled for 10 days, and the month ended with Ella being sick.All probably legitimate excuses.

I almost hit my goal too but it started raining. I brought Ella home since Dave was home from work and I was going to run for 1.5 miles in the rain but he decided he was going into work after all so I did not get those last 1.5 miles in.

I am 93% towards my yearly goal and based on numbers I should be 75% to be on track.

This month I walked a lot more directly after runs. I went on a few walks. I don't remember doing other forms of exercise though.

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