Monday, November 24, 2014


Last week I did some sewing. I lengthened some of Ella's shirts. I quickly dug up a few pictures of a shirt before and after. These aren't the best pictures but it's better than nothing. Check out how short the shirt is in the top row. See her lean and you see her back and diaper. Then notice it on the bottom row! I even winged the length. Now this shirt is so much nicer to me.  I was always feeling bad for her back hanging out before. The onesie is also pretty wide and I wouldn't have even put it in her yet if it weren't for it getting too short.   I still have a few shirts to lengthen. At least I did 3 so far.

What do you think?

I'm debating writing a post on how I did this because I couldn't find anything online about it so I guessed how to do it myself.


  1. I like them! Is that Ella sitting with her diaper showing above the striped pants? She's getting more hair all the time.

  2. Also this collage is just 1 of the 3 shirts. I think the E shirt should have been a little longer. I wonder who actually fits into these shirts.