Monday, December 1, 2014


Ella and I were up early. We play before waking anyone else up.

We were super slow at getting a move on it to go to Mad Mex for lunch.  Timmy didn't join us. He was going to so we were delayed since my dad told him noon. We finally left after forever.

We visited Jen after.  Ella fell asleep on the way so we sat in the car parked out front for awhile. Then I went in and talked to Jen and Dave stayed in the car with Ella.  Mainly I did that because I had to go to the bathroom so bad. My dad gave me a hard time when I said I had to go at lunch but didn't go. I guess he was right and I should have just gone! Dave came in a bit later. He said she woke up but then while he was getting her out she was back to sleep. Opening the screen door woke her again.

Ella and Neil played. We did not get a picture of them sitting beside each other. Ella pulled Neil's hair. Neil pushed Ella. Just what you'd expect from kids. Neil wanted all the toys we gave Ella to try out.

Since Ella barely napped, we left when Ella seemed cranky again.  She fell asleep on the way home so we drove further and visited Timmy. Stopping the car woke her so she didn't get a full nap again. I finally got to tour Timmy's house. I wish I didn't have to hold Ella the entire time. I wanted to do some organizing. We stayed there over 2 hours even though we were only going there to get him and go to dinner.  Then we all went home.  I put Ella to bed then we went to Eat n Park and Jared met us there.  I barely ate but wasn't going to miss going to eat with others. I don't like to miss out.  I got home and ate stuffed cabbage, peanut butter pie, and chips and dip.

I wasn't up that late. In bed Dave kept talking to me but I was asleep and he'd keep waking me. Later I learned he ordered an iPad. He also emailed me about bed frames to buy.


To lunch, lunch, to Jen's:

 These are the closest to them sitting beside each other.

 Neil brought the chair over to sit on it and play the piano.
Ella liked the chair. This is when Dave started saying Ella needs her own chair at home.

Trying a no spill cup. She liked it.
Then we went downstairs to play some more. Ella and Neil actually played together here.

When we were ready to leave all my stuff was upstairs so Jen and I went up while Dave stayed with Neil. Neil climbed up beside Dave and gave him a cell phone. Then Dave said they were hanging out and Neil repeated "hanging out." I think Dave said a few more things and Neil repeated a few more phrases but now that it's been over a month I can't remember the details.  After we left Dave said he liked hanging out with all the close to 2 year olds this week. I thought he was joking. He said no he wasn't because he likes to know what Ella will be like.


I think this is 4 different iphone generations. Not too bad considering there were only 3 adults there at the time!

Ella was crawling up the stairs.


  1. Dave with Ella's coat on his head- LOL.

    1. He's always doing stuff like that. He put his arm in once. I about died laughing.

  2. It was great to see you guys! I'm really glad you stopped by and visited while you were in the area. I know you have a LOT of people you want to see. And it was great to have Neil and Ella play together. (Someday we will make it your way!)

    1. It was so nice to see you. I wish napping times worked better so we could have stayed longer. Time always flies when we are together!