Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Ella slept in until 7:30. That was nice but then we got a late start. I didn't sleep that well either.
We still had to shower and pack. Basically all morning was spent packing. I thought we'd leave near 9 AM but we left at 9:50.  We didn't see my mom in the morning because she was up throwing up in the night and didn't want to chance getting us sick.  We stopped twice on the way in addition to quickly stopping for gas.  The first stop we had lunch and we were there 50 minutes. The second we were there 30 minutes. Time sure flies. I didn't think we were at either that long.
Ella napped and at the first rest stop I had to wake her. Dave wanted lunch. I was not happy about having to wake her.

11:45 (She sees Dave and waves and says Dada)
Then Ella was awake and we were playing. Then she was complaining.  We almost stopped but the next rest stop was 27 miles away. I thought if we waited a bit it might make it so we wouldn't have to stop again but that was a rough 27 miles. Ella was whining the entire time. I could have sworn it was way more than 27 miles that we traveled. When we stopped, she had a messy diaper.   She wore her shoes for the first time. We had her walking around so she would go back in the car seat and not be so cramped.

2nd rest stop

2:27 PM
She napped the last hour or so of the trip.
Getting familiar with the pack n play
We arrived and Dave and his dad had to leave right away to go drop off the car.  Ella and I hung out with Lori.  Ella was so playful.
Dave and his dad got back and we only had 3 minutes before we had to leave for dinner. This stressed me out. I didn't get to do all I wanted to do. We forgot Ella's water. I didn't change her diaper first.

We got to dinner just on-time but we were the last ones there. We had dinner with Dave's friends from high school. One couple had a 16 month old. Ella was peeping him the entire time. It was past his bedtime once the food arrived so he was a bit cranky. It made Ella seem happier.

We talked outside for awhile so then Ella had had had enough.

She cried the entire way home. We got home and she cried. We nursed a little before she even got her diaper changed. She went to sleep near 9 pm. So it was late for her.  She did have 2 naps but neither were that long either.

After she went to bed, Dave and I watched baseball. The Giants won. I was so tired. I did make it to the end of the game then I couldn't wait any more and I went to bed.


  1. That leopard print is so cute!

    1. Thanks. It came with those pink pants. The pants are like Capri pants and the shirt is still big.