Thursday, December 4, 2014

11.27 Thanksgiving

I woke up at 5:45 actually hearing Ella cry. The dumb app didn't work for a second day in a row.

I tried to have Ella go back to sleep but that failed.   I played with her.  Then around 7:30 we woke Dave up. He was slow at waking up. I was so tired and cold.   I did go back to sleep and then jolted awake hearing Ella cry. Dave was changing her diaper and came I found them. Then she seemed tired and I fed her but she didn't go to sleep.  I guess I got 1 minute of sleep. At 8:30, I told Dave how tired I was so I said how about I watch her for 30 min and then you watch her for 30. 90 minutes later, I was still watching her and he was still playing his game.   In that time, Ella got into the soap in the soap into the shower. Dave was pouring the body wash form one container to the other and it was sitting in there. Well there was some body wash everywhere and Ella got a bath right after. She didn't like slipping all over the place and not being able to crawl about. I am always wishing it wasn't a little step down to get into our shower.

Then Ella went to sleep but on me.  I tried to get her in the crib and it didn't go well so I nursed again.  She napped about an hour total but all of it was on me.   Well we tried to get her in the crib. I thought she'd fall back to sleep and I curled up under blankets in bed and then I heard her cry.

I got Dave to go get her. Then he brought her back and stuck her with me. I guess I wasn't sleeping yet again.  Then we decided to put together the 2nd night stand. I was in charge of the drawers and Ella. Dave was in charge of the rest.  I had a head start too because Dave was getting stuff from other rooms. I only finished a minute before him. I should have been done ages before him. It's difficult to screw in parts and hammer in parts while holding Ella. Also she wanted to hold a hammer and screw driver at all times.

We played a bit then got dressed and went to Whole Foods. We bought some Thanksgiving dinner. I also supplemented with corn and mashed potatoes. Then we got home and ate it. Ella did a good job. She didn't like turkey though.  After we were done, Dave played with Ella and I cleaned up. I almost got done cleaning up and she wanted a nap.

I went in with her and she wanted to sleep and eat at the same time. I took a little cat nap in the chair. Then I woke up and she woke up. I nursed more and cat napped again!  It was 5 PM and she was asleep an hour. I figured she wouldn't transfer to the crib but she did.

Dave and I watched some episodes of Manhattan. Then we woke her up (at 7:20 ).  We had to give her her nighttime medicine. She didn't seem tired so we hung out in the office and moved Dave's computer tower. It took awhile to organize. At 9 we started bedtime routine again.

She didn't have the easiest time falling asleep and once she woke back up crying and standing in her crib.

So there was Ella's first Thanksgiving. We were a bit more productive than normal and we did have some good food but other than that it was like a normal day.


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    1. Cords are get favorite. We try to hide them but here we were moving things and on e was in reach. She liked them even better if the other end is plugged in. If you yell at her she doesn't care! It's a tough time.