Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Ella slept until 6. It was nice to sleep in except I didn't really. My body really wanted to nurse and that kept waking me up!  Ella still only slept 8 hours. She was up late.    We hung out and woke Dave up and hung out more.  I can't get over how much room there is in a king bed. I am also a little more comfortable with her in a bed so close to the ground.

She seemed ready for a nap but she did not go to sleep. We were trying sleep training for naps but after a half hour we gave up. I got dressed and we went for our run. She fell asleep a few minutes into the run.  She napped about 40 minutes. Too bad she didn't stay asleep after I got home though.

I showered with her in the pack n play. She didn't cry this time. She just whined a little. It probably helped that she could see me the entire time and I kept handing her new things. She did really cry when I got out and wanted to get dressed before holding her.

Then we started cleaning. She was very needy so I was holding her and cleaning and that really made my back hurt worse.

Ella was not interested in eating again. She pulled the bowl off her highchair that was suctioned on and that was fun for her.

She went for a nap near 1:30 and I cleaned up then relaxed a little. She slept until almost 4:30!

We had meatball hoagies for dinner. They were good. Ella loved them.

She had a tough time falling asleep. It was sad.

These noisy pans scared her when she moved them.

 As you can see when I was cleaning up and doing dishes, she was adding to my mess.

The pics are out of order!


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    1. This was right after we traveled and right after the clock change so it was sleeping in for about 2 weeks.