Friday, December 26, 2014

More Merry Christmas

I did a quick photo shoot with Ella on Christmas Eve. I threw the tutu on what she was already wearing. I wish she had on black leggings instead of flared yoga pants but it works!
Ella decided to actually stand on camera. She always sits down when she realizes a camera is on here. Not this time!
Not only did she stand, but she walked. I snapped 6 in a row so you can see her walking. Ignore my face in the 2nd picture. Her socks were like ice skates on the hardwood floor. I was surprised she was even able to walk.

This is her expression just after getting yelled at for touching the tree!  
I played a little with picasa and got the blur on the edges.
I didn't stage the presents at all. I wish there weren't 4 under the big red one in the back and that I had the tree base covered a little more. This is how you know these were just impromptu. I took some with a flash and some without, some on auto and some on manual, but the ones on manual I never even changed the settings from the last time I used manual. I had no idea if any of them would turn out. I am extremely happy with these for winging it.

I'm also thankful that Gio let me borrow Lily's tutu for a few weeks since I was a big slacker and didn't get pictures right away.
Here are 2 from a little later after she walked around the couch to get to my camera.  She likes the Ella sized tripod.


  1. I love that her first steps on camera are in front of the tree. What a beautiful memory!

    1. It is cute that it's like that. I have a few other steps on camera that are so blurry you can't tell anything. A tripod helped. :)