Monday, December 1, 2014

November Exercise

I met my goal but just barely. I wanted to have extra miles because I didn't make it in October.
Ella got sick so it was more difficult to run. Then I did a little playing with my toe to work on an ingrown toenail and I messed up and hurt my toe so that hindered running too. The first half the month were great.    I ran 1 time without Ella and that was the last run of the month.

Even with my adjusted increased goals I already hit the total for the year. That doesn't mean I can slack off in December. I still need to hit December on it's own.

I have gone on fewer walks this month. I don't even think I did anything else at all besides walking or running. I need to branch out.


  1. Great job, Colleen! And I know it's not easy, are most of the runs with a jogging stroller? You should write a post on tips on running with a jogging stroller. I hate doing that myself.

    1. Only the last one was without pushing a stroller.

      I think the key is having the wheel that pivots on the front and just doing it enough to get used to it. Now when I run where I can swing both arms that feels weird!