Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I drove Dave to work. I stopped at Safeway on the way home and refilled our 5 gallon jugs. 
I decided that I would wear green pants and a black shirt since Ella was wearing a green onesie and black pants. 
Then we went with Gio and Lily to Stanford Shopping Center to see Santa.  Ella didn't smile for Santa but at least she didn't cry.  Lily cried.  Then about 2 min later, we put them both on a chair and got smiling pictures. Too bad only 1 smiled at a time.   They ask you not to take pictures on our own phones unless you buy their pictures too. I felt bad so I bought some. I bought the digital copies. I can't believe they charge $30 and you only get 3 digital pictures. They took 5 and how hard it is to put the other 2 on the disk too.  We went to Chipotle for lunch and got Sprinkles after. Gio had never had sprinkles. She got 1 cupcake. I got 4!  

Ella fell asleep on the way home but didn't survive the transport into the crib.  I nursed her then she went to sleep.  
During her entire nap, I worked on fixing my camera. I did succeed though! The spring that was less than half an inch long would fling to the floor. That was not fun to try to find again. 
The rest of the day wasn't memorable. Same old stuff. Ella got into stuff and I took pictures!

Here are more pictures from the day. The directory is a touch screen. It was weird.

using an image search to see how those little things should look to cover the lens


  1. I'm impressed you fixed your lens.

    1. Thanks. It started with lens error and it was stuck out. When I finally figured out how to take thr top cover thing off more stuff broke but when I removed the pieces it would open and close. Then I had something to work with. I was mad I wasted an entire nap on it though.

  2. We did the same thing with Santa! Paid for pictures so we could take our own. Ours were better than theirs too. We got a couple of digital copies.

    1. They had a flash and good camera and I just used my phone so their quality was much better. And their angle. But I took like 40 in the time they took 5.