Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Ella woke up early.
We went to Chick-fil-A for lunch then went to Target.  I was surprised she didn't take a nap near 10 AM. Then we were still shopping at 1:15. She fell asleep in the car on the way home but only had an 8 minute nap.  She woke up before we got home because Dave was swearing and yelling at other drivers.  She never went back to sleep.

We went to a party for the meetup group. It was from 2-5. I thought she'd nap first but she didn't so we finally went and we were there from 2:15-4.  She went to sleep on the way home but the transfer to the crib failed. I almost made it but she woke up with 2 inches to go. That's a time that I'm super annoyed with how low our crib is. It's lower than others I've seen.   I nursed her to sleep but then she always wanted to nurse and it was bad for me. Then I fell asleep.  At 5:30 or so I put her into the crib thinking she'd maybe sleep 10 minutes.  At 6:30 we thought of waking her but didn't.  She ended up sleeping until 2 AM.   I was nowhere near as productive as I wanted to be. I didn't clean up the reading room because that might be too noisy for her.

It's amazing how napping or lack of napping can determine an entire day.

At the party, Ella did a ton of walking. She enjoyed the crafts. She didn't fully understand but she liked the end result. She loved the sparkers and kept stealing other ones so she had 1 or 2 per hand. She did try to share with some boys but never shared with girls.  There were balls and balloons to play with and Ella liked those and enjoyed sharing those with others too.

 More pictures are below.

Dave wanted some food and I said it was Ella's so he gave it to her. She took it and threw it on the ground so Dave turned her chair around. She loved it. She thought she got a reward. Dave was just being silly but then she liked it.  I forget if Dave said he exiled her or he banished her. I forget the wording.
 The first half of the walk from Chick-fil-A to Target was on shoulders.
 The second half of the walk was actually walking.

Ella liked to drink my milkshake. Later she had it and Dave came up behind her. She got startled and flipped it over on herself.

Ella kept stealing sparklers. (Well that's what they called them but they were a craft.)  She did go up to some boys to share all the ones she stole though.

Ella just walked all around like it was NBD. I had to stay close since she was such a thief with the sparklers.

Here she tried to be a thief with someone's sippy cup of milk.
Right before we left, they had a little dance party. Ella had to be right close to the iphone/speaker. I think she just wanted the phone. They weren't her kind of jams. They were toddler type songs and were specific like "stomp your foot," "hop on one foot," and "stop" and Ella doesn't know how to follow directions like that or do the things yet.
She fell asleep on the way home!


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    1. Wow 2 car naps and 1 day

      Also I forgot to write about the rest of the day. Oops

      She woke up in transit. I nursed her back to sleep. She woke up when I tried to not nurse. Repeat that. Then I got her in the crib and she slept until 2 am. Then back to sleep until 7