Thursday, January 8, 2015

12.6 Holiday Train

Ella woke up at 7:30 and I was so tired. You'd think I wouldn't be so tired at that hour.

I read Ella so many books that my jaw was tired from all the talking. I think it was close to 10AM by the time I was done. She'd even hold up the same book wanting me to read it again.

We left around noon to go to lunch and Ella fell asleep on the way! We went to Panera. I didn't realize but my mom group had a gathering there so I saw quite a few moms as they were leaving.  Ella enjoyed french onion soup soaked bread but not a tiny bit of broccoli cheddar soup on bread. She enjoyed eating right from my sandwich too. When we were there, there were 2 fire trucks, an ambulance, and a cop car.  I think someone got hit while riding a bike. I couldn't really figure it out though.  We got Jamba Juice on the way to the car.

Ella loved the Jamba juice and wanted to drink it the entire time we were in Safeway.

On our way home, Ella fell asleep on our street. We were only on our street about 0.1 mi.  Dave worked his magic and got her to the crib and told her to go to sleep and she went back to sleep and slept for almost 2 hours.

During Ella's nap, I did some stuff on my computer and finished making some onesies.  After her nap, she was very unhappy. She's never that unhappy. She'd just start crying. She was all squirmy. It was rough.  We decided to go to the park.

Ella walked the entire way to the park (with my support).  At first I held her arm pits because she was holding maracas then I held her hands and Dave took the maracas. She made it the entire way. She was happy. She enjoyed the swing. Then we did the slide. She loved it. She actually took a few steps just to get to the step to climb up the step to get to the slide to go down.  I was at the top and Dave at the bottom so she got to go down the entire way. She loved it.  We tried the big slide where I went down with her but my legs were so long that it was difficult to make the bends. She didn't like that as much. We did the slide and the swing again. It got dark by that point and we went home.

After we got home, we did some practicing walking and she sure walked a few steps more and more. She was good.  We fed her dinner.

Then we went to Caltrain's Holiday Train. Ella was scared when the train arrived. Then the train was stopped and she loved being on Dave's shoulders.  When we stopped to observe she looked around but didn't seem all that happy.  I think it was a successful trip. Parking and walking over were convenient. There was no fee. It was a short event. It was just nice. I tried to take some pictures but mainly enjoyed it.  I saw one person I knew, too.

We got home and Ella went to sleep.  She fell asleep after 5 minutes in the crib (without really any crying) and then she woke back up 12 minutes later!  She was awake crying for 20 more minutes.  I went back in at one point to tell her it was ok and turn back on her night light.  She went to sleep minutes after I did that.

I finished onesie painting, snacked, and watched TV with Dave. I stayed up too late but after all that I still went and blogged a little.

(sorry pics out of order)


  1. LOVE the family pictures. And Ella on the swing. She is so happy!!

    1. I took like 50 pictures on the swing and she is just as happy in all of them. She loves it when Dave pushes her.

  2. Look at her long legs in that swing. Wow.

    1. I always just think the other kids in the swings have short legs!