Saturday, January 10, 2015


Ella and I ran in the morning at Shoreline. We were a couple minutes late. I couldn't find my Garmin watch but also Dave wasn't ready either.   We decided to make the run shorter because Gio and Ella were antsy to play together. But then we added on so that Trinka got a little bit more distance so it ended up being the regular distance anyway.  Well maybe even a little longer.
As soon as Ella and Gio got out of the stroller, they hugged. I wasn't even holding Ella up. Too bad I didn't get a picture of it.  Then I grabbed my phone and said they should hug again. Instead they just kissed.  These kids kill me. They played for a bit. They were so messy with snacks.

Leaving the play area, Ella wanted to walk. She did not want to ride in the stroller or help push. So Trinka pushed my stroller and I held Ella's hands and she walked. She loved it.   She's slow and happy.

Ella discovered some Christmas presents

She fell asleep on the way home!!!  I was getting her into the house and on the way I looked in the mirror and she was asleep on my shoulder!  But then she woke up. I almost made it.  Then she didn't nap for many more hours.  I tried to nurse thinking maybe she'd fall back to sleep but nope.   Then I had to frantically clean up.  Marie was coming. Luckily she was slightly later than I originally thought so I had some more time to clean up.  I had to totally move all the presents and wrapping material and then get out my sewing stuff.   Then we didn't have time for lunch first so Ell and I ate when Marie was here.

We always are so slow at getting a move on it. I got one shirt lengthened.  I have 1 more to do.  This one wasn't so good because the shirt itself was crooked.  Then I also messed it up a little.

Ella and I went to the Mountain View Tree Lighting Ceremony. We met Gio, Lily, and Matt there.  We didn't wait in the long line to see Santa. We walked around. We watched Trains.  Ella was so clingy and not her happy self. She was so tired. We stayed a little longer so that I wouldn't have to go home first. I went right after to pick Dave up. Ella fell asleep in the car.

At home Ella didn't want to go to sleep so she got an early Birthday present. My parents said to give it to her a couple days early well we gave it to her almost two weeks early.