Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I woke Ella up at 3:30 to leave. She was really tired and didn't want to wake up. I took her downstairs. She eventually woke so I ran back upstairs to nurse before we left. We left at 3:57 She slept in the car on the way to the airport.  I tried to sleep in the car but just couldn't fall asleep. We got to the airport at 4:44 and parked. My parents were going to wait in the check-in line with me.

The line at check-in was so long.  I already had my ticket for Ella but needed to wait to check my suitcase.  At least the line went faster than Saturday.  It took until 5:26 to get through the line. I heard people saying how it was the longest line they had seen.  I went to the Alternate Security line and it was long but not as long as regular security. I got through security at 5:43.

By the time I got to our gate then went to the nearby bathroom to change Ella it was 6:01. Since boarding would start at 6:05, I did not nurse her at the gate.

We got on the plane. At 6:19 people were still boarding and I notice a wet or dirty diaper. Everyone is still boarding so there is no way that I can get to the bathroom. Once everyone is done boarding, then we will have to be buckled up. After a few minutes, I decided to change her on the seat since nobody from my row was there yet. I'm about to start and they show up.  But at least I got her changed.

Ella didn't want to wait for takeoff so we nursed on the plane a little. I stopped her so it was a little snack versus a full meal since I needed her to be nursing on takeoff so her ears didn't hurt.

At 6:42, they announce they are still loading the final baggage.  At 7 we were taking off.  At 7:06, I heard/felt her poop. This is the bad part about morning flights I think. Ella always goes to the bathroom more in the morning.

There was a lot of turbulence on the flight and the fasten seat belts sign was lit up a lot. Ella slept through a good portion of it though. She slept about 2 hours straight near the beginning of the flight.  Then later napped about 30 minutes.  I thought the naps were longer but my app tells me otherwise.

I changed Ella's diaper twice in the rest room on the plane that had a changing table. Ella didn't like lying on it when there was a little bit of turbulence. I nursed a few times. She was always eating for a minute then smiling and laughing and not wanting to eat. I had brought pumped milk since I wasn't sure she'd be willing to nurse if she was teething bad. I used some of that in a sippy cup on landing just so that I could use some of it since it was effort to bring it.

Ella loved the couple sitting in our row. She was always talking to them. For most of the flight the lady sat by us but then when she was getting sick from the turbulence, her husband sat next to us. She was pregnant. Ella would grab them or try to hug them. She was always trying to talk to them. She smiled at them. She didn't want to look out the window but rather wanted to smile at them.

We landed at 12:06 which was really 9:06 now.

Getting off the plane, I dropped my phone about 2 feet after exiting the plane. It came out of my pocket. All the strollers weren't even out yet and I waited for mine. I decided to try to walk holding Ella, my backpack, the little cooler, my duffle bag, and the stroller. That was a mistake. Ella started slipping and it was hard to hold it all. The hallway was so long. Some guy offered to help and grabbed the stroller and my duffle bag for me until I got to a chair to put some things down and get her in the stroller.

Dave met us outside of security and before baggage claim. Ella was so excited to see him. Then she started hiding her face because she got embarrassed.

Ella cried part of the drive home. I can't blame her. We had already been traveling so much.

I nursed as soon we got home. Then Ella feel asleep for 3 and a half hours. I did a little unpacking and tried to load some pictures so I only napped about 2 hours.

We went to Outback for a very late lunch. Which meant I was especially starving. 3:30 PM felt extremely late. It could have felt like 6:30 PM but then it felt worse since I got up so insanely early and only had cheeze itz, a couple pretzels, and a string cheese.

Around 10 I was exhausted watching TV. Dave was shocked and said but I'm always up that late. I just wanted to shout back that I not only got back from the East coast and was getting used to that time BUT that I had 2 hours of sleep then had to deal with the airport for many hours and only napped a little bit after getting home.

I have about a million pictures for the day but they didn't upload for some reason so you get these 3.

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