Wednesday, September 24, 2014


At 6:20, Ella woke me up. She was moving all around in her crib. I was so tired and she wasn't crying yet so I decided to go back to sleep for the 5 or so more minutes before she'd start crying. Then at 7:15, I finally heard her. I think she was just chilling in her crib having a good time.  She might have gone back to sleep but I don't think so.

She took her first nap at 8:30 and I went back to sleep during that time too.

Around 10, Dave started making bacon for breakfast and I made pancakes. We ran out of pancake mix so I didn't get as much as I would have wanted.  We were done eating close to 11. Ella ate too. Then as I was sitting there so full I mentioned how we were going to make steak for lunch. We decided to move that to dinner.

Close to noon Ella was tired but then she wouldn't sleep. Then at 12:20 she went to sleep but only while nursing. If I stopped that, she kept mouthing for more and if she didn't latch back on she woke up. Well at 12:53, I finally thought I had her asleep and not attached to me and she woke up going back into her crib. I then nursed her a bit and decided she wasn't going to fall asleep on me. I put her in the crib at 1:16 and decided to see if she'd fall asleep. At 1:33, I gave up. She was too busy playing in her crib so I knew there would be no more napping.

After that, Ella and I left to go to Kohl's and then to Sprouts. It took a really long time. Ella was so good. It took a long time because I couldn't find anything good, then all the dressing rooms were full, then the checkout line was insanely long.  I got back and thought Ella wanted to nap but she had sleep eating issues again and kept waking up.  This caused me get dinner started late. I finally got her to sleep in the crib and I was cooking and I clanged the oil container and a plate and said "oh no that's going to wake Ella up" and it did! Then it was difficult to finish cooking while holding Ella. She didn't want to play on the floor but I had her play a few times for brief periods.

We started eating dinner around 4:50. Ella had her first little bit of baked potato. She's so cute. She'd be out of food and just bang her hands off her tray letting me know.  It was nice to all eat at the table. This doesn't usually happen. Usually I'm feeding her at the table while trying to eat while also trying to watch the TV show that's on all while Dave is sitting in the living room eating and watching TV.

Dave had his raid to get to at 5:30 so he did that and I didn't get to finish eating. When I did, I put Ella in the exersaucer in the office while he was playing. She was not too happy but at least I got the kitchen cleaned up.  We played awhile in the living room after that. She had so much fun.  Then I put her back in the exersaucer so I could fold laundry. I tried to get Dave's attention to start her bedtime routine but with his headphones he couldn't hear me. I let Ella pull at his headphones and hair and he still wasn't noticing that I was talking. Then I tapped his shoulder and he still never heard me but he told his friends that he had to go real quick and he started the bedtime routine.  Lately she has been tired earlier. She's been taking fewer and longer naps lately too.

Ella fell asleep on me at 7:15 PM. This might be the earliest in awhile but she's been falling asleep just before 7:30 a lot lately. (We were starting her bedtime routine at 8:30. Then we shifted it to 8 and then Ella seemed to want another shift and we were starting it at 7:30. Then days where she has a bad nap or not an evening nap we are starting it earlier just based on reading Ella.)

Dave and I watched TV after she went to sleep. We started House of Cards. We watched two episodes and I still get confused as to who is who.

It is so odd having time in the evening but I need to stop staying up so late. I also seem to read for over a half hour a night in bed too.

(Sorry the pics are out of order)


  1. It took me awhile to start to go to bed earlier after Neil went to bed earlier. It's really nice to have evenings though- a few hours to just veg and then go to sleep on our own. There are still nights I stay up longer than I should and regret it in the morning.

    1. Now Ella stays up lster. But I need time after she is asleep to do stuff. (Clean up like mop and sweep or organize toys or do stuff on my computer )

  2. Parker likes to stay up late and is sometimes up till 11/11:30. It's stressful. If you can keep the early bedtime, do. I think we've finally got a better routine going now where Parker is in bed around 10. But that still hardly leaves much time for Tanner or me to relax. I usually just end up going to bed when Parker does. It's lame.

    1. Too late for keeping it. 9 or 10 is Ella's norm. And wake up at 6:30