Saturday, January 24, 2015

Citrus Lane January 2015

We got our 9th Citrus Lane box. We already had the identical book. The hot chocolate bar was for parents so that left 2 things for Ella and one was a plate. So I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Here's what we got and the pricing
You Are My Baby Book from Chronicle Books - 5.99 (We got Woodland)
dipPLATE from JJ Rabbit - 9.99 (probably shipping since not on Amazon)
Earthworm from Begin Again - 9.99
Hot Chocolate on a stick from Popbar - 3.66/item (sold in 3 pack on amazon or 2.99 + shipping on popbar)

Total: 29.63
The total keeps getting less and less each month. I think if you bought 1 month when I signed up it was 28.50 so this is far too close than the actual total. Where's the deal?! I didn't analyze shipping this month so maybe the shipping on the dip plate would make it worth more.

We got to pick which animal we wanted for the dip plate.  Ella doesn't do so well with plates yet or with dipping but we will like this. She liked the little Earthworm.  She did like the hot chocolate thing the best and I had to hide it.


  1. We got the hot chocolate thing too and I had to put it away. At first I thought it was meant for the baby and was surprised until I read the description. I liked our box a lot better than yours. (My post is scheduled for when we're moving and I forget what day so it's delayed a little bit.)

    We got that same book previously. Did you already have it or did you get that book in two separate boxes? It's probably my least favorite book that I've gotten from Citrus Lane. Neil likes it though.

    1. We got the book as a birthday gift (from someone who gets Citrus Lane)

    2. Oh oops I had seen this. I got confused on months.

      I'm still not crazy about this book in particular. I find it really hard to turn pages on.

    3. Yea I'm not a fan of how the pages turn either.