Sunday, February 8, 2015


Ella woke up close to 6 AM. I was nursing her and thought she seemed tired. So once she was done I put her in her crib awake. I thought she went back to sleep. Then at 7:20 Dave's alarm goes off and I check the app and she's standing. It seems like she's quiet but the sound portion of the app isn't working. She was just standing there and I thought she must have just woken up but I checked the pictures we take from the video camera and she was up from 7 or maybe never went back to sleep (I put her in at 6:50).

We only hung out with Dave a few minutes before he went to work. Then we played a little.  We went to our run group at 9 AM.  We ran 4 miles. After I put a blanket down but Ella was too busy running around to stay on a blanket. Climbing the steps for the slide were her favorite thing. She did a lot of walking on her own. She loved to lift up her feet to step from 1 step to the next but I held her hand at this point. I was impressed. She still hasn't mastered going down the stairs. Clara crawls up and crawls down herself very well. Ella needs to practice going down. Someone else had a toy cart they brought with them. Ella wanted that bad. I had to keep taking her away.  When I was folding my blanket she got it, and they both fell off the path and into the sand. She was having so much fun that she actually got it. She was freaking out that I was making her leave. She wanted that cart.

Once we got home, she was awful. Screaming, crying, yelling, throwing food, being needy. Everything. She finally napped around noon for an hour and a half.  Then the awfulness started again. Finally I get on a hangout with my mom. As soon as my mom is on the screen, Ella's face lit up and she was so excited and happy. She enjoyed the hangout for 45 min or so and then we got off. Then she was back to being awful!  She seemed like she wanted to nap but she wouldn't.

We picked Dave up and Dave got in the car and she was so pleasant and happy. Then she ate dinner just fine and went to sleep just fine. She hung out a little too between dinner and sleep and she was so happy. Mondays are always the worst of the week because she misses Dave but this was really bad.  She also kept randomly saying "dada" throughout the day.

Ella was asleep by 7:35.  By 8 I thought it was 11 PM. I still played on my computer for awhile though.

Ella likes to get these out of the cupboard and walk around with them or bang them around. She is NOT allowed to do that. (Since this day the container is now childproofed.)


  1. Yep once they can walk and really start to get into everything it's just twice as exhausting. I'd like to say that phase is short, but I'd be lying. Parker is still into everything, but at least he listens most of the time when we tell him no now.