Monday, February 9, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:30 again. She seemed tired so I put her back to sleep.  I couldn't fall asleep myself. I got up and kept checking the monitor. I learned that she woke up a good 15 min before making a peep. I went in before real crying started. 

Dave had a meeting at 8. He did it via a google hangout. Ella walked in wanting to participate so Dave let her say hi. She sat on his lap for most of it. At one point someone said something and then asked if that was correct. Ella answered. Everyone awwwed. 

We went for a run at 9. The 62 degree weather was awesome. It wasn't sunny!

Right before we left for the run I saw on FB 2 moms were meeting at the park so I said I'd join after the run. The park was crowded. I met 2 new people from the mom group. Then I met another lady. I also talked to 2 of the moms who I see often who are always speaking Spanish. 

Ella played in the sand for a long time. 

I miss when Ella didn't walk. She's tough to keep up with at the park.

Ella ate a little then went to sleep as soon as she got home.

She didn't even nap 2 hours. She woke up and was content in her crib for a bit. I liked that and didn't go get her right away but still got her before she was crying.

She drank milk out of a straw cup. Then she kept having issues and I decided to try a take and toss sippy cup we have.  She drank 2.5 oz. She did enjoy dumping the milk out too though. But still 2.5 oz is the best yet.   She was really good for awhile. Maybe around 3:30, I could tell she wanted to nap. She wouldn't. The rest of the day was rough.

We walked to the grocery store. She looked so tired and stared and didn't move but didn't go to sleep.
 I cooked dinner and she whined and complained and cried the entire time. I held her for most of it.
She whined through most of dinner.

I finished eating and we did bedtime routine right away.  She fell asleep nursing for the 2nd night in a row.  She just keeps going to sleep earlier and earlier. She wakes up earlier and naps earlier. It's a vicious cycle.

I pigged out on dinner and then my stomach felt like crap so I crawled into bed by 8. I did use my computer a little.


  1. She's looking so tall now and less like a baby.

  2. I'm surprised Dave let her sit on his lap during a work conference! Cute she was paying attention and answered.

    1. Maybe because there weren't that many people on and at that hour she is good. He rarely does meeting a from home so I'm not sure if he'd do it again or if she would.