Saturday, February 21, 2015


Ella and I skipped our run because she has been so miserable but good in the morning. I knew I had to run errands.  I did. We went out to breakfast after but Ella was not behaved. I thought she would be but she wasn't. 

Marie and Clara came over briefly around 11. I was giving Marie the memory card of the park photos I took so we decided to take a few more photos and add them to the memory card.  I also took photos of moving the wagon to the garage too.

Ella actually napped in her crib.

Near 4 we visited Gio/Lily and went to the park.  Lily had her first ever temper tantrum there. She wanted to run out in the street.

Then later that night Ella had 2 temper tantrums!

We did bedtime routine early and Ella fell asleep on me at 7:13. I wish she could communicate better. She gets so frustrated that we don't know what she wants.

Below the pictures are all out of order but something kept messing up and it took me 40 minutes just to get the pictures added to the post. They kept unselecting and only some would stay selected. Then some were duplicates and it took another 45 minutes to narrow it down. So sorry if there are still some on there a few times.

She lost her cheese... on her head.

Ella decided it was time to get out!

At breakfast

Ella is just playing!
Then uh oh...the empty box fell on her.

Then back to playing

Ella loves her laptop.



  1. You guys have the most endearing dadpictures.

    1. Thanks. It helps her I take pictures all the time.

  2. Ella loves the swings. I like the picture of you and her at breakfast.

    1. Ella really loves the park and all things park but it's just easiest to get pictures while on the swings.