Monday, February 23, 2015


after nap

Around 6:20, I thought I heard Ella. I check the monitor and I hadn't actually heard her but she was sitting awake in her crib.  She slept a long time.

She was pleasant. She played.  She was good while we cleaned up.  She napped and in her crib.

We went out after her nap and she was good. She did get hungry in Costco but I figured she would since she didn't eat much.

It was a pleasant day. I really needed one!

She really enjoyed eating my sandwich from Panera.

She even went to sleep in her crib without crying or anything.

Discovered alarm clock

Cleaned to make room for a mattress.


  1. I'm glad she's feeling better. Also, that is a sweet wall-of-bookshelves. Wonder if I could craft something similar out of scrap lumber.

    She looks so matter-of-fact in that crib picture.

    1. This was actually before she got sick.
      You probably could make some shelves.

  2. Kids love Panera. Parker likes their sandwiches, too. We also always let him eat samples at Costco.

    1. We keep going to Costco when they don't have free samples out so I'm not sure how she'd love them. I think months ago she did get some samples there