Thursday, February 26, 2015


7:50 AM (don't even remember this happening)
Ella woke up at 6:30. We had to drop Dave off at work at 8:15. That messed up timing for my run so I dropped him off then came home then left shortly after.  Ella napped for less than 25 min on the run.  We ran and then walked 20 minutes. She woke up before the end of the walk.

After we got home, we met new friends that we just met at the park a week or so earlier.   Ella and I walked to their house then we all went to a park in their town homes and played for a half hour or more. We went back to their place for lunch.  I got a tour of her house but in the 2 min we were upstairs her 2 kids got the dry erase markers and drew on their faces. They kids were 2 and 3. (The 2 year old has a December birthday.)  The kids were never so happy as they were after the markers were all over their face.  Ella ate so well there. She had a lot of my turkey sandwich. Then she had some fancy chips with jalapeƱo yogurt dip. Ella liked the dip so much she would pull the place-mat towards her to get at the dip.

She started to yawn as we were leaving. It was about 1:15.

But then she would not nap.  She wouldn't! I kept trying. I was so tired.

Finally at 4:30 she napped and I napped in the chair with her.  At 6 I thought she'd sleep for the night and I just put her in her crib.  Well between 4:30 and 6 she did wake up a few times and then I nursed a few times and she was right back to sleep!

I ended up so wide awake from my nap that I was up until 12:30. (Then Ella woke up at 1:30 but she was not up for long)


  1. Those little footies are cute. I'll never forget when we first discovered the awesomeness of dip. Parker would eat anything as long as he could dip it. Then he got too smart and is picky again now ha.

    1. Thanks. I bought them and now she never wears them. It's slightly warmer and Dave says she's too hot in them so we don't wear them :(

      im behind on posting but since this Ella has learned how to dip in ketchup and loves that. But we haven't branched out to other dips.