Saturday, February 28, 2015


Practicing sorting shapes
Ella went to sleep at 4:30 PM she woke up at 1:30. She went to sleep almost right away.  Then she finally woke up at 6.

We didn't wake Dave up until 7 AM.

Dave hung out at home a little so he got to spend time with her. He mainly spent time doing his work email but in the same room as her.

We drove Dave to work. Then we ran with the neighbors, Kathryn and Diana.

Shortly after that we finally went to Sunnyvale Library's Storytime. That did not go well. Ella fell asleep minutes before we got there. I waited by the car for a bit and then woke her up to go in. While carrying her in she fell back to sleep. This never happens. We waited in line and she slept.  I got the last available chair and she stayed asleep. I observed the books being read and the songs being sung and Ella slept through it all.  I knew she had a poop diaper so after I waited in line for the changing table. That woke her up. I ended up not having a diaper!  Luckily I knew other moms there and I was able to get one to use.    Ella played after with some of the toys. So at least she got to have some fun.  Ella got compliments on her expert walking.

Then we walked to the park 2 blocks away and played a bit.  Ella really wanted to play with the sand toys but they weren't ours or anyone I knew.  She loved the slide and swing.  It was so hot and sunny though. I was dying in my tank top and pants.   We stayed for a bit then walked back to my car at the library. I kind of messed up and I walked East instead of South so then I had 3x as much to walk. Oops.

I was going to go to the grocery store after then I changed my mind which store I'd go to. Then I thought I'd hit up Jamba Juice on the way since it was 12:30 and I ran + walked and hadn't had anything to eat or drink all day.  After Jamba Juice, Ella cried a lot so then I just went home and didn't go to the store!

We got home and she didn't nap. We nursed. We played. We ate. We drank Jamba Juice.

Near 4 PM, we had a google+ hangout with my mom. Ella spent a lot of the time holding the phone but not holding it well so my mom couldn't see anything.  I can't believe how excited Ella gets as soon as the hangout dialing starts and then she gets even more excited once my mom shows up on the hangout.   We had about 45 min on the hangout.

Then Ella finally napped!  I meant to put her in the crib but I napped too. I only woke up 1 time when she woke up. I thought she was tired so I just turned her over to nurse on the other side and then I went back to sleep.

A little after 6, we woke up and I had messages from Dave. I went and picked him up. Ella seemed so tired and whiney. As soon as we got home we did bedtime routine. I thought she was asleep but then she woke up crying. Dave went in to check and said she was way too hot in there and hungry. So she came out and shared some of my dinner. We took off her sleep sack too. Then she was back to her crib.  She did fall asleep and wake back up a few times but it was much better.  Her room was 76 degrees.

I spent the next hour or more cleaning up.  Cleaning takes entire too long and there's barely any progress.

Library parking lot

walking in to library

after story time

uh oh
uh oh
uh oh 
Ella is learning and getting into too many things.


  1. I love that she slept on you since I know that never happens. Parker was the same way (would never sleep on me).

    1. I loved it too! Ella slept on me twice ever and both times other moms saw and commented how their kids never do that. I guess I have said the same thing when I see another kid sleeping on another mom though. But twice in over a year is practically never!

    2. Parker still never has to this day.

    3. If I was gone all day it would have never happened.
      Every nap ella falls asleep on me or she won't map but that is with nursing. I don't even know how to get her to sleep without nursing. Also I nursed 18 times yesterday. I'm doing the opposite of weaning. I'm nursing now. Ugh.

    4. Does she hate bottles and pacifiers? That's what we did. But I never made it breastfeeding as long as you did. You could even try a sippy cup with breastmilk and have Dave give it to her and rock her and read her a story to calm her down. A few consistent nights of that and maybe she'd let you put her down without nursing.

    5. At bedtime she goes in the crib awake fine but naps are a different story. And no to a pacifier or bottle.