Friday, March 13, 2015


Ella slept until 7 so that meant I did too!

Ella was more tired and seemed like she would go for a nap at 10. I didn't try to put her down.

I drove my parents to the airport a little early so Ella didn't nap first.  She fell asleep on the way home.  Too bad Ella was so tired so she wasn't as playful and was just clingy to me.

Transferring Ella to the crib from the car did not work but she fell asleep shortly after I started to nurse.

I tried to clean up some but then I bumped the gate to the laundry room and it woke her up.

After I woke her up, the rest of the day was pretty miserable. She was clingy and tired but didn't fall back to sleep.

Ella didn't do well eating food. She wanted animal crackers versus real food.

She went to sleep a little after 8 PM.    Dave got paged for work during dinner and worked until 9 PM then did about 5 min of getting ready for bed. We started a TV show and got 43 seconds into it when he was paged again. Actually it was more like 30 seconds in but there was a delay in pausing.  Then he worked for another hour.   Then finally we got to watch Blacklist.  We watched the first 5 minutes of the Bachelor then Dave went to bed and I watched Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, then Chicago Fire and stayed up entirely too late.


  1. That blue dress with the white bow is killin me!

    1. I don't even think thr pictures do it justice!

      It has a silvery bow. I also bought a matching cardigan but it's so warm ella never wore it.