Friday, March 6, 2015


In the morning I was so productive. I went through a bin on the floor of the master bedroom that has just been sitting there. Actually I went through 2. I put other stuff away that was piled up in the reading room for months. I thought the day would be so productive but then the rest wasn't.

We were going to go to Jersey Joe's for lunch but thought it'd mess up Ella's nap so we decided to go after. During Ella's nap we were watching TV and Dave kept waking me up and yelling at me for falling asleep. Then finally let me sleep and when I woke up he was asleep.

I didn't get enough food at Jersey Joe's. I have to share too much with Ella.

All day at home, Ella hung out in her chair. By her chair, I mean our leather chair. She loves to sit in it and read. Or sit in it and hold an iPad even if that iPad is off.

The hat is a little big (or a lot big) but that just makes it even cuter.

 We saw a rainbow on our way home. It was small.
At Fresh & Easy it was bigger and a double rainbow.


  1. She's getting so big! I love the hat.

    1. Thanks. She is!
      She loves the hat too. It fell off and she tried to get it back on