Sunday, March 8, 2015

2.5 Android Statues

This is the only date of my parents visit I didn't write right away.

I remembered that we went to the Android Statues. The pictures reminded me that we went to Sweet Tomatoes and the park too.

Ella never saw all these statues before.  She had only seen the Lollipop. My mom was excited to see the statues.  We didn't go into other visitor type stuff at google.

My dad took this one. You can tell who is his focus is. 

At Sweet Tomatoes Ella wasn't very good. She didn't want to eat much of anything I gave her.  But then we got the crazy meatball soup and she liked the broth. The soup was too spicy for me!

My dad went to the park and got to meet Ella's friend, Lily. This was the first time we took Ella's sand toys and she barely played with them. My dad labeled them all with her initials. We didn't take a stroller and Ella walked while holding my hand. She likes to walk.  My mom didn't go and I said we'd be walking slow since Ella was walking. But I don't think she actually thought Ella would really walk.


  1. Ella's legs look so long in the swing.

    1. They are long but she doesn't lean back so they appear even longer. Her butt is practically as far forward as it will go!