Monday, March 9, 2015


Ella woke up near 6 am.

We woke Dave up near 8.  I fed Ella oatmeal for breakfast and she ate a lot. The Quaker oatmeal is much tastier than the Target brand one.  Ella really likes that I put some on a spoon and put it down. She hands me the spoon when she's done and I put more on. I keep 2 or 3 spoons in the rotation so she isn't waiting. Then Dave had to feed her while I ran to the bathroom and after that she preferred him. I wondered why and here it was because he gave her big bites and I just gave her little ones.

I went to a card class at 10 AM. We made 8 cards in under 2 hours!  I got home and nursed Ella and she went right to sleep. During her nap, 3 of us went out to lunch.  Ella was still asleep when we returned. She slept 3 hours!!!

We played a lot.

I cooked dinner. Ella kept wanting to be in the kitchen.  I was stirring and doing things while holding Ella. We made a little bit of a mess because it was hard to do things with her.   I tried to time it so we ate at dinner time but then people were still full. The food was so good that they ate anyway!  Fresh and Easy meatballs are so good and I made good sauce and good hoagies so they ate a lot.

Ella was getting tired and yawning so we did bedtime routine right after dinner.  She didn't fall asleep on me though. She was in her crib awake for a bit. She cried for a few minutes but then she lied there awake for about 10 minutes. I could see her eyes on the camera so I knew they were open.   She fell asleep around 7:30.

I watched TV and looked at pictures and did a little on my computer the rest of the night. I stayed up too late!

Her eye is still red.


  1. I like her brushing her teeth.

    1. Teeth brushing is old news here t I don't take pics but Ella wanting to rinse the tooth brush herself is new so that's ehy I took a pic. Ella's trouble is she likes to rinse then brush again then rinse then brush again.