Tuesday, March 10, 2015


We ate at Tia Juana for lunch before her nap. Ella wouldn't eat anything. And we took turns walking around with her so everyone else could eat.

My dad helped mount some dressers and Ella tried to help too!  I'm glad that I bought some mounting straps because the ones that come with the furniture are no where near as nice. But then that made me wish I bought more. I had 4 straps but wish I had 6 so 2 in our master bedroom are not mounted yet.  We had issues finding studs. The stud finder is worthless!  We got my mom to knock to figure it out.

Throughout the day we read to Ella a lot and played with her.

Dave and I decided to go out to a late dinner after Ella was asleep. Of course that means it's the one night that Ella is not going to sleep well.  She ended up overheated so we changed her PJs but then that meant it was even more of a delay. We finally left for dinner at 9:15 PM so that limited our choices. We went to Pizza Studio. It was the first time we were there.

Pictures are out of order below. I took a ton but limited myself here.

A good helper!


  1. The blue footies are still my favorite. The ketchup shirt is perfect!!

    1. She has a second footie pajamas and I like the other pattern better. Just wait until you finally see them (she finally wore them this week)

      She is even more I to ketchup then when I made it. It's big but I put her in it. Too fitting.

  2. That pizza: it has caused me to crave a carb.