Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Ella woke up at 6 AM.

Instead of going to Steven's Creek Trail to run, Beth came here and we ran close by. It was the first day it hadn't rained but still if it was going to rain was up in the air so only 2 of us were running anyway. Then we all played inside for a bit.  Near 11 they left. Ella all of a sudden looked tired then she got cry-y so she started her nap almost right after they left.

She napped 6 minutes short of 3 hours!

We went for a walk then played at the park. Lily met us at the park so Ella had a little buddy for a little bit.  We didn't stay long though.

We picked Dave up and went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.  Ella doesn't cooperate at restaurants. Things she likes one day she doesn't like the next.  She likes to throw food. It's very challenging. I'm the slowest eater no matter what and I'm also the one that handles Ella. It makes my eating speed worse!

All day Ella didn't really want to play as much. She just wanted to carry big things around, eat animal crackers, and go from one person to another with being a little clingy.

I let her stay up late since it was my parents last night. We started bedtime routine at 9:10!  She fell asleep on me.

I ended up falling asleep on the couch watching TV later.

I forgot. My mom cut my hair.

The landlord had his handyman come over to get all the palm branches
from the yard and roof. There were a lot.


  1. Dave's expression at the restaurant while he watches Ella is funny. I feel like Parker is just now to the point where he is mostly well behaved at a restaurant. For a long time we just avoided going out because he was such a terror!

    1. Sometimes ella is an angel but that is rare anymore
      Thanks. I like that pic for that reason.