Sunday, March 1, 2015


I was finally a bit healthy and the place was a mess so I spent a lot of time cleaning. Ella spent a lot of time being clingy though.  I ended up holding her for a lot of it.

She fell asleep for a nap around 10:40 and I slept in the chair with her. She kept waking up but then I'd soothe her and she'd go back to sleep. We both slept until 12:40!

We spent more time cleaning and playing.

She took a 45 min nap on me at 4.

Dave picked up KFC for dinner. Ella enjoyed the fried chicken. I didn't give her any breading.

We started bedtime routine a little after 8:30. She started crying on me so I figured she wanted to go in her crib. She was crying like crazy. Dave got her after 20 minutes. Then we were stuck. She was freaking out. It wasn't fun.  Then we ended up all hanging out in our bed for a bit. She got semi content and finally we tried to take her to bed. I nursed again and put her in her crib. She was freaking out crying. She was throwing herself around for 15 minutes in there until she finally fell asleep. I think she thought if she freaked out a lot, we'd come get her so she was throwing a tantrum.
She finally fell asleep at 10:55 PM. I was so tired. I had so many things I wanted to do after she went to sleep but they didn't happen.


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    1. I like to make hair designs with her hair in the tub. Rarely take a pic.