Thursday, March 5, 2015


Ella woke up at 7 am. This was only after sleeping for 8 hours and 4 minutes!  Then I nursed and she fell back to sleep on me. She'd wake up and cry but I'd nurse and she'd sleep. She slept until 8:40 this way. I slept some. I was not comfortable and my stiff neck was even making it into my dreams.

Beth and Gio came to run. We met Kathryn and ran 3 miles. Then we played a little.

We ate lunch.  Ella finally ate!

Then Gio and Lily came over for a bit. We went to go run but it ended up being a walk. Also we stopped for food. So it took 1:15 even though it was only 33 min of walking. Ella fell asleep on the walk but I managed to get the stroller inside the house and she stayed asleep. She slept a little less than 2 hours.  Too bad I knew after the fact that Gio was getting a cold. It might be the same one I had or a different strain so I could end up getting hit again.

Then it was awful time. She was freaking out. She was flailing around and crying. I just couldn't figure her out.  I decide to get my mom on a hangout to see if that cheers her up. It did. As soon as my mom said hi, Ella was so happy. We stayed on the hangout just chilling for over 50 minutes and then she continued to play well. We snacked and played all the way until Dave got home. I even managed to fold laundry and Ella played.

Dave orders pizza way too much. We get it so much that now Ella won't even eat pizza. I'm sick of it too. We have no food so I can't cook. I've been sick. I have no car so I can't go buy food. Then I have no food to cook. So we're stuck.

We played and hung out with Ella just sitting on the couch for a long time. Dave taught Ella about taking selfies. She would push the camera button on her phone and it'd do the camera click sound or it would say "Say cheese" and she'd just take selfies. I took many pictures of this. Finally we started bedtime routine close to 9:30 PM!  She went right to sleep after 8 minutes in the crib and no crying!!!


  1. Oh my gosh I love the selfies haha!!

    1. I wish her toy phone actually took pics because she still takes selfies!