Monday, April 13, 2015

March 2015 Exercise

I'm a bit late with March numbers. I keep track but then forget to post. As a reminder my goal is 38 miles each month with a reach goal of 42 miles.   I was 10.32 miles short in February so I wanted bonus miles in March.

I got 48.75 miles in March! That's enough bonus miles to cover the deficit!
I pushed Ella for all but 2 runs (23rd and 28th)

I semi regret my conversion to google sheets because I had to go back to excel to add splits. I ended up making a supplemental file in excel just so I could add up the splits. I have my watch beep every .25 miles so then I have to add 4 numbers to get the mile splits. I used to have it all set up with macros if I wanted to add it too so the fact that google sheets won't even add it really makes me mad. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out too.

In addition to running, I lifted weights 4 times in March. This may not seem like a lot but before that I probably lifted weights less than 4 times since April 2013.   I went on a few walks.  I still have not gone on a bike ride though.

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