Thursday, March 5, 2015


Ella woke up early. She napped on me. I barely got anything done. She still has issues with her cold and was clingier and did better sleeping more vertical.

Around lunch time I picked Dave up and we went to Costco. We bought a ton of junk. We both went hungry so we bought a lot of snacks.

We do all our normal stuff.

I go to pick Dave up a little after 6. Ella was napping so I didn't go earlier. We got In n Out on the way home. We ate it at home. I thought Ella was eating a lot but when I took her out of her high chair I saw most of it was in her bib pouch.   We gave her a bath and she went to bed.

Dave and I watched a little TV and snacked. He went to bed and I did a few things on my computer that I've needed to do. I was going to go to bed but then I spent 30 minutes cleaning up. I feel like that 30 minutes was a solid 30 minutes yet barely made a dent in the pigsty.  Then from bed, I was texting a friend about Halloween plans. Finally after a half hour I figured I really better get to sleep.