Thursday, March 5, 2015


Ella slept until almost 8 AM!!!!  She was awake in the night once but that was around 1 AM.  That was glorious.

We went to a preschool fair. I didn't get to fully pay attention to the presentation because I was keeping Ella occupied. The presentation was about an hour. Then we talked to a few preschools.

We watched some TV. We spent some time cleaning but not much. Well actually I feel like I cleaned a lot but it didn't look like it at all.  We went to Safeway after the preschool fair but it was a long morning for Ella so we didn't really buy much and quit early. We did get more Halloween candy at half off.

Planning food sucks. I hate planning for me so I hate planning for Ella. I miss when milk was all she needed.

Ella only had 1 nap for 50 minutes and ended up going to sleep at 7:30. I can't believe how little sleep she got all day. She did sleep in a bit so I guess that counts.

Right around 7:30 is right when Max and Kacie showed up. I didn't want a door bell ringing as I was getting Ella in the crib so I asked them to stay in the car a minute until I got her in the crib.   We hung out until 11 PM. It was less awkward than I thought. I barely ever see Max and I never even met his wife, Kacie, before.  But it wasn't even really awkward at all. We always had things to talk about.  Dave turned on hockey so something was on TV but nothing we had to pay attention to.  It was nice to socialize. Many times I wish family was closer.  Too bad Ella was tired and they were in SF all day so that they didn't get to meet her.  I think Ella is the main event so I thought we'd be so boring with her asleep.


  1. Planning food is the worst. I never realized how easy I had it with Parker before he ate solids. We were so eager for it too. Lol. Hindsight is everything.

    1. I know. Meal planning sucks. But taking my boob out in public sucked too.