Thursday, March 5, 2015

11.2 Max & Kacie

The day started with Ella waking up at 4:30. Wow was it early. We did gain an hour of sleep with the clock change but we really didn't.
Ella played a lot. Dave woke up hearing me yell "no" to Ella. She held Poly's tail and Poly tried to get away. Poly cried and still Ella wasn't letting go. I had to really pry those fingers apart.

Dave went back to sleep. Ella played more.  She napped 7-7:30. Then she played so well. We even watched TV and she played.

Max and Kacie visited again. They showed up around 11:30.  We went together to lunch. We tried to go to a Greek place but it was closed so we went to Tia Juana.  Ella wasn't as pleasant as normal at the restaurant.     After that we went to google.  First we tried to go to a photo booth but it was gone. We did a lot of walking around and looking at stuff. There was only one android statue. The rest were moved because a group moved but I don't think they are put up yet since we didn't know where they were. So 2 of the 3 things I wanted to show off weren't there.  I think we spent about 2 hours walking around Google. Dave just talks about a lot of random stuff showing things off. I enjoy it.

We got home and Ella took a nap. She was a real trooper. She didn't get to nap until 2:30.  Too bad she woke up tired and still cranky because she didn't get to jam for Max and Kacie. I wanted her to show off to them and play with them. I was really bummed she was fussier. Maybe I should have nursed longer. Maybe Dave getting her from her nap made her sadder. I don't know.   After they left, I nursed for 3 minutes or less and let her get into some stuff she didn't think she should have and then she was fine. They left near 4 to get home before it was too late. They had a 4.5 hour drive.

We ate after they left and hung out a bit. Dave got Slice of New York Pizza.  Ella and I don't eat that pizza. Last time Ella made it out like she was eating it but she ate the toppings and couldn't chew the crust so it was all in her bib.

I tried to do some stuff on my computer but it didn't work with Ella awake.   We watched the Steelers or mainly I did separately than Dave.  By 8 PM I was so exhausted.


  1. Google Headquarters seems so cool. I'm jealous you get to see it all the time.

    1. Since we can see it all the time it doesn't even seem that awesome. It's like its old news.

      I still want to find and use the photo booth though.