Friday, May 1, 2015


Ella woke up around 5:30 but then fell asleep on me so I just stayed there. She woke back up a few times but when back to sleep!

Marie and Clara came over close to 10 AM.  We lifted weights then ran.  I took some pictures of them snacking while I lifted. Then we ran to google to see the Android statues.  Both kids fell asleep on the way home. I was able to get Ella inside in her stroller and she slept in her room.  Marie was able to transfer Clara from the stroller to the car and she stayed asleep! But then she didn't transfer from the car to the house. That was too many transfers!

After Ella's nap, we went for a walk (shortly before 3).  I went to get some  PS1 controllers from someone. I wanted PS2 but she had 1 and the internet tells me they will mainly work.  Then I walked to Kathryn's to drop them off. She gave us new stuff. Then we walked to the park. Ella loved her new cart and just pushed it around. Another girl wanted to use it. After 20 min of following Ella around Ella parted with it but seconds later she wanted it back. It was a bad time. I said we'd go home and bring more back. We took longer to get home and back since Ella had to walk herself.  The other girl was gone!  Ella played again. Lily came. Then there was more playing and more refusing to leave. I know she was starving. I was trying to feed her snacks but it was failing. She had a few temper tantrums and finally we were home close to 6:30.

We had dinner. I gave Ella a bath. Then it was bed time. She fell asleep on me.  She was worn out!

Dave and I watched TV. I was too exhausted for anything else.

(sorry pics are out of order)


  1. Aww those peek a boo pictures are so sweet.

    1. Thanks. I was debating which ones to include. I took about 15 of her peekaboo-ing.