Saturday, May 2, 2015


Ella woke up at 3 and then was back to sleep!  Then she slept until 7.  I had trouble getting myself moving.

Beth picked us up at 8:30 and we went to Emma Prusch Farm.  We saw some animals, fed some animals, played in the playground, and snacked.  We left around 11:30.  Ella wasn't scared when she was standing right next to chickens, ducks, and geese. I didn't like it. The geese kept biting my pant legs. (and later I realized my legs got bruised from it)  Near the end Ella got tired so then cried over nothing. Good thing we were headed out.

Miraculously she stayed awake the entire trip home. I got her inside and nursed and she fell asleep. I even got her in the crib.

I ate lunch without dealing with her. I did a lot of cleaning.

After Ella woke up we walked to Gio's. Ella played so well it was amazing. Lily was asleep and I was showing Gio some weightlifting exercises I do.

After that we went to the park. We played for quite a while. It really sucks that the park has absolutely no shade. The same kids, moms/nannies were that that were there on Wednesday.  We got home at 5:40 and Ella was ready to leave again.  She got out of her red car and was trying to climb in the stroller.

I had to scrounge for dinner and only fed her. I decided to wait.  Dave had to work late.

A little after 7 she was ready for bed and wanted to go to sleep. She was even in her crib and almost asleep and then she started screaming and standing. Then she started yelling "mom  mom mom." I went in but really she just wanted Dave. I read to her and let her play.  I was about to put her in the crib again but Dave said he could leave so then I stalled her.  As soon as she saw Dave she smiled SO BIG and clapped.  She was so happy to see him.  They hung out for 5 minutes and then we did bedtime routine even though she already had it by me. She only nursed long enough for Dave to leave then she told me she was done and ready to bed. I put her in her crib and she didn't cry but was talking and squealing. She was just so happy she got to see Dave.

Too bad it was 9 PM by this point.  We had pretzel bites with cheese and bagel bites for dinner.  That wasn't enough so then I found some oreos. There were only a few left and they expire tomorrow so I was in the clear.

Pics are out of order below!


Ella lost her cereal bar to this!

so many finger splint photo bombs

Tired but really wanted to wait for Daddy


  1. The slide pictures are my favorite. She's looking so much bigger lately.

    1. She is getting so big. Today I realized I have to retire more of her clothes.