Sunday, May 3, 2015


We hung out in bed in the morning.
We went for a run.

I took Ella's monthly photos.

We went to Palo Alto to pick up some shorts I bought. We went to Safeway on the way home. Ella was tired so I didn't spend a lot of time.  I wanted to go to Dollar Tree on the way home too but she seemed too tired.

Ella napped on me.

We did a google hangout with my parents. Ella discovered taking the velcro off and removing her biting guard thing from the crib.

Ella and I went to the park. As soon as she got there, she face planted. It was pretty bad. She wasn't very happy but was just content then.

We picked Dave up.  Dave had some Watermelon Mint Tea and let Ella taste it. She loved it.I scrounged for dinner for Ella since I thought she'd be tired.  Dave and I ordered pizza. Ella was still up so she ate pizza too.

Once Ella was asleep, I had to start AND finish prepping for my Stampin' Up Class.

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