Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Ella woke up at 7.   Marie and Clara came over for weight lifting.  This time we did it differently and it worked smoothly. We took turns each watching the babies and then the other lifting for 5 sets. It was easier than last time. I felt like last time Ella was a little needier so I got half a workout in.  We could have gone longer but we had plans so we were done.

We went to the park for a little Easter egg hunt with 3 girls. They were cute. Too bad Ella wasn't as good this time and didn't just pick up the eggs and put them in her bag.  She tried to open them all so the snacks just flew onto the ground.  I tried to get some pictures but it was really hard to get all 3 girls together.

Then we put them in Ella's wagon and took some pictures. I still couldn't get all 3 looking at the camera.

As soon as we got home, Ella took her nap. She only napped an hour and woke up!  I nursed her after and she fell asleep on me. I decided to leave her on me to get a little bit longer of a nap.

We hung out after. I turned on Baby Daddy for her because last time she enjoyed watching the little girl.

We picked Dave up and then went to Jersey Mike's for dinner. Ella is a good hoagie eater. We got Coldstone after. I suggested it because of my gift card. But then we got in there and my wallet with the gift card was in my other bag. The prices sure went up.  It cost almost $14 and last time it cost a little over 10 and years ago it was 7.

After bedtime routine, Ella was almost asleep a few times and she'd wake back up. Finally we went in. Then I took in milk. She drank some. She's not getting enough nursing at night to fill her stomach but won't drink cow's milk.  She ends up starving in the morning and that's why she wakes up so early.


  1. Does Ella like smoothies? I've heard some people put protein powder into a smoothie at dinner or before bedtime and it helps keep their kids full through the night.

    1. She does. I hadn't heard of that.
      3 nights in a row she woke up right at 4:30 am, nursed, and back robsleep. I'm curious why 4:30 am. But that's better than 5:30. At 5:30 she won't go back to sleep.