Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We did our normal hanging out and running. But then we went to a bookstore for a story time. Ella wasn't very good during story time. She wouldn't sit still. Then after it was over and half the kids left, she asked the lady to read a book again. She asked by grabbing the book off her table and basically throwing it at her. She loved it. It had to do with animals and was by the same author as one of her favorite books.

We walked around after. We went to the train station and saw a train come in a minute later. Wow was Ella scared. She wouldn't let go of me the rest of the time.

We got home and she went to sleep so she was also pretty tired.

(I'm typing this on 4/2 and even with looking at the pictures for the day I'm not sure what else we did.)  We did get KFC for dinner and I did get mad I had so much to clean up and Dave "is tired" and doesn't do anything since he says I don't have a job!

She's doing it wrong.


  1. Okay you absolutely have a job, and it's a very important one too! Remind Dave of that the next time he says he doesn't want to watch Ella because she's too difficult. ;)

    1. I do. Then he gets mad because he said without his job we couldn't afford to live and raise Ella. Also he rebuts with well I wanted a kid.