Sunday, May 31, 2015


Ella woke up at 5:40 and did not go back to sleep.

I even fed her an actual breakfast before we woke up Dave. She barely ate though.

We went to google for (2nd) breakfast. Ella was a good eater there.

As soon as we left google I headed to Target. I am almost there and Ella falls asleep so I just went home.  I tried to get her in the house while still asleep but that did not work.  So then I nursed her to sleep. I let her sleep on me because she kept moving and cuddling.  Then I napped too. We napped for a couple hours. She woke up a few times and then went back to sleep once she knew I was there.  Her nap was so early that she was up at 1:30 and sometimes she doesn't even start her nap by this time.

Before I fed her lunch, I cut down the other side of the curtains. They still need to be hemmed but it's a start. I was telling Ella about the issues I'm having with the curtains and even with 2 blackout curtains it's still too bright in her room.  She goes to the other room and brings back the portion of the curtain that I cut off and kept trying to put that on the window too. Ella gave me a great idea. I used clothes pins and hung up the part I cut off onto the blind just how I had a t-shirt on that before.  Now the top 2/3 of the window has 3 black out curtains while the bottom 1/3 has 2. It's much darker now. The light still seeps through the bottom and the bottom 1/3. I'm thinking if I actually hem the curtains too much light will come in from the bottom. I can't believe how Ella gave me this idea!

We got a package and I opened the front door and Ella immediately climbs up on the box and then stands on it. She's such a climber.

I had a stroller in the reading room that I used to take her on a walk recently. She was pushing it around the house like it was her doll stroller. She had some trouble turning though.

I left drawer open while I was picking out her pants. She closed it and smashed her fingers!

I was going to make a 2nd attempt to go to Target so I asked Ella to find her shoes. She was looking all over and ended up crawling under her Adirondack chair to get them. I forgot the shoes she wore earlier were still in the car. I'm surprised how good she is at doing things I ask for.

The day kept getting worse. She whined a lot. She cried. She wanted to be held. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't do anything with her. I even tried to nurse and she cried.

Dave was going to walk home but I said we should pick him up. As soon as Ella saw him she became a happy camper.

We had In N Out for dinner.  Shortly after dinner Ella seemed like she was ready for bed. It was 7:30. We did bedtime routine and I thought she was close to done and Dave comes back in saying he forgot to tell her goodnight. Well after that she got down and chased after him.    She played and hung out with us until 9:15.  Why is it that the times she plays the best are only the times after we try to put her to sleep first in the evening?

Dave taught Ella how to put on a hat!

I started planning some designs for T-shirts I will be painting. Then Dave and I watched TV. Then I wasn't tired at all so I watched some more TV.  I went to sleep after 12:30.

Ella's idea


  1. Love all the pictures. The hat especially. I hate blackout curtains because they never are as dark as you want.

    1. Some people have luck with thrn or blackout blinds but I bet it more dependent on what direction the window faces.