Sunday, May 31, 2015


Ella woke up at 5:30 and I could not get her back to sleep. I waited as long as possible before waking Dave up. He wasn't too happy. I had to leave at 6:45 to go run with Marie.

We ran 9 miles. I ran with a heart rate monitor on. I let Marie use my old watch and other heart rate monitor! We were comparing numbers!

Then I got home and Ella wanted to nurse bad. Dave said she was fine when I was gone but then she saw me and wanted me.     After we played a bit she took an early nap.   She napped ON ME!  I napped a little. Then after playing on my phone she was still asleep. It had been 2 hours so I thought for sure she'd just wake up if I moved her to the crib. Well she woke up and back to sleep a few times. Finally a few minutes shy of 4 hours Dave came in to try to just put her in the crib or wake her up. I couldn't take it anymore. She flipped out and wanted me.

Well after we woke up, Dave napped.

We met Hilary and Wes for dinner at Outback.

Ella went to sleep decently early for her lately. She was asleep around 8:30 then Dave and I got to watch some TV.  Before TV, I messed with some running data. I confirmed what I thought. Lately google sheets haven't been doing what I wanted them to do. I couldn't add times. Well in Excel it works perfectly. This makes me mad. I've been trying to use google sheets. My 2015 running file is now in sheets instead of Excel but I had to break down and make a supplemental file in excel when I was on my desktop so I can do a little bit more if I want to.


  1. A 4 hour nap on you? Holy crap.

    1. Yup. Talk about being bored. And that's with an iphone

    2. I would have probably peed my pants waiting that long too.

    3. At least I have a good bladder. Or maybe I don't drink enough. But I go almost all day without gling a lot. Think I go 3x a day or so.