Friday, May 29, 2015


Ella was cute bringing Dave his shoes!

On our run, Diana gave us roses from her bushes. They were so nice.  Ella was much more content on her run when she had Diana's kids to watch since they were on their bikes.

After the run we went to a park meetup. We mainly did it to meet a friend and her 2 kids.  I brought extra toys so the 2.5 year old got some more attention and could have some more fun. With a new baby around I'm sure everyone focuses on the little baby instead of her! Ella had fun at the park. I enjoyed having so many things and being able to share but then it wasn't so fun getting everything back to the car when Ella didn't want to leave.

We ate lunch at home. We could have eaten at the park since that's what the meetup said but that's more difficult for me. Ella doesn't stay put.

Ella bit my thumb!

We raised Ella's crib.  Our crib was so low on the lowest of 3 settings and Ella was always waking up the last inch or 2.  But the middle setting is kind of high so we weren't sure. We lined around the crib with pillows in case she climbed out. (She didn't.)

Ella was sweeping


  1. Love the sweeping. Those flowers are gorgeous.

    1. Does Poly bother the flowers? Our cats do!

    2. Thanks.

      No she ignores them. But maybe if I put them a place poly was often she might.