Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week 5 of Half Marathon Training

I'm a little late posting this.  I really need some updated pictures. Anyone want to take any of me running.

So according to plans I could
  • lift twice, 4 mi, 2 mi, 4 mi, 6 mi, and cross train
  • lift twice, 4 mi 3 mi, 3 mi pace, 7 x 400 5k pace, and 8 mi
  • 3 mi, 3 mi, 4 mi, and 8 mi
  • 3 mi, 5 mi, 2 mi, 10 mi 
Here's what I did. 
Monday: I ran 4 miles with the mom meetup group.  Then I did bands at the park after.  I did Focus T25 Lower Focus.

Tuesday: I ran 2.74 miles in the neighborhood. I didn't add on because Ella was whining. I did Focus T25 Lower Focus. 

Wednesday: Rest Day.  

Thursday: I ran hills. Instead of just doing Stanford Dish Trail we ran 1.4 miles to the trail and 1.4 miles back. Well actually a lot of walking happened. I was with 2 other people.  Even walking up the one huge hill at the start of the trail I could feel it in my glutes and calves. 

Friday:  I ran a short run with Diana. It was even shorter than normal because I was slow leaving the house so I met Diana closer to my house than normal. Ella fussed the entire time so I didn't add on.

Saturday: I ran 8.15 miles with Beth at a 9:11 pace. We started running at her house and then ran to the Baylands Trail. 

Sunday:  Rest Day

Total Running Mileage: 23.96 mi 
Total other things: 2 workout videos, 1 exercise band workouts.

Summary: I ran a lot of miles but I did not do a speed workout. This was the most miles I ran since May 2013 when I ran 2 long runs in one week (since I ran one on a Monday a day late). I am really liking T25 so far. I like that I can do the workout at night and supplement what I have been doing. 

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