Sunday, May 17, 2015


I updated my weight graphs for the first time since 2013!  I still have to update all the graphs. I only did the weekly and monthly so far.  Here they are but they are also linked on the weight page.

Summer 2005 is when I had jaw surgery and had a lot of issues eating. 
February 2009, I had knee surgery. The months leading up I kept gaining and then I kept loosing. 
This is all so fun to see. 

Recent might not be the correct term. I decided to use 2012 since that's the year I moved to CA.

You can tell that I moved and then started to gain weight a few months later. Then I  started to lose. I got pregnant and continued to lose and then I gained a lot fast.  Then the weight took a bit to come off.


  1. You are an inspiration! Great work, Colleen!

    1. Thanks. Even though I have no idea how this is an inspiration.

    2. It's inspiring to see mom's lose the baby weight. At least it is for me.

    3. oh that is to me too! I kind of like the after knee surgery data too