Monday, June 1, 2015


Ella was up at 3:30  then was up again at 4:30. It wasn't a fun time.  Then she was up for good at 7 AM. Since we had stayed up late watching Newsroom, I only got 4.5 hours of sleep!

I wanted to go to Target. I've been wanting to go. I keep not making it. Ella seemed like she'd nap early so we didn't go.  She napped at noon. I got her in the crib but then she woke up at 12:45. I nursed her back to sleep.  After a few min, I went to pick up lunch and go to Sprouts. I got home and she woke up from her nap in her crib.  Then she fell asleep on Dave!  Dave said he thought she woke up from gas. Ella didn't sleep long on him because as I walked in the door it woke her up. They were in the living room.

I took Ella to the park near dinner time but nobody was there so I got bored and we didn't stay long.  I was showing Ella different climbing features there since she's a big climber now.

Ella went to sleep at 8:20.

Dave and I watched a few episodes of Newsroom.

(some pics might be from 4/11. I'm having issues figuring them out.)


  1. Love that gif of her eating out of the bowl haha.

    1. Sometimes I get a good gig from googlr!