Friday, June 5, 2015


Ella slept in! Of course she does this on a day we have to be out the door to go to a doctor appointment. I woke her up at 7:50! I did not allot enough time to nurse and everything so I had to stop her early.

Ella got 1 shot. She didn't even cry!  She's such a big girl.

We went to Target after. She was good but then wasn't. I only got to half my list.

She didn't nap right away at home.

When she did nap, I fell asleep. I woke up an hour later and knew she napped on me too long that she'd never stay asleep.  She ended up sleeping 3.5 hours. I napped about 2 of that. I fell asleep and woke up and it was 20 min later. I thought good I can get her I her crib. But then I blinked my eyes and woke up an hour after that.    A little over an hour later I napped again. I did need the nap but I did want to get her in her crib.

I cooked dinner. It was a big fiasco. I wish I could get away with never cooking again.  We were out of propane so I couldn't cook the chicken on the grill. I had to find an alternative recipe. Ella is being annoying. Dave decides to switch the routers since the old one broke so I can't even use a computer to look up a new recipe.  I'm making everything and feeding a starving Ella. She's screaming. I can't take it. Dinner is done but Dave broke the internet worse so he doesn't come to eat. I start eating. Then I decide to reheat all the food since it got cold. I only ate a little. I put the roasted potatoes back in the oven.  Well they were warm later but they sure sucked. They were no where near as good.

Ella liked the chicken at least.  She had thrown a lot of food everywhere since I had to feed her while I was cooking.   She was up late too because dinner was so late.

I was so exhausted. I also spent time cleaning throughout the day when I had a chance.  Dave and I only watched 1 episode of TV before going to sleep.


  1. She's holding the pen really well.

    1. Oh wow she is. I didn't even pay attention to that